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Logistics in the food industry in the spotlight at Green Logistics Expo. A partnership with sector leader Number1

Logistics in the food industry will be playing a leading role at Green Logistics Expo, with a dedicated specialized area. Particularly important is the partnership with one of the sector’s leaders, the Number1 Logistics Group, engaged in implementation of a series of top level conferences and workshops. At Green Logistics Expo, logistics companies specializing in the food sector will therefore be able to find solutions and services for the various product categories – groceries, beverages, fresh and refrigerated goods, fruit and vegetables and meat – and will be able to learn about future trends in the sector. Logistics managers...

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Transport and the human factor. Apart from means of transport and technology, people are still the heart of the transport system

Together with technology, means of transport, platforms, research and organisational factors, Green Logistics Expo never loses sight of people. People in fact are still at the heart of logistics organisation, both as the “beneficiary” of the entire process, given that the goods are destined for them, and as the operator vital to ensure functioning of the system. Thanks to the commitment of its exhibitors, Green Logistics Expo is dedicating a number of moments of reflection and instruction to the “human factor” during three events on Thursday 8 and Friday 9. The first meeting examines the relationship between “economic value...

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The city, driver of competitiveness. Ideal city or patch up?

Will the city to be built by 2030 in the north of Saudi Arabia by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman be the millennial version of the ideal city? According to the announcements, it will be known as Neom and will be completely sustainable, smart, technological and co-participated. Powered by the sun and the wind, it will be a city of innovation in all sectors, from production, energy, research and mobility to entertainment. Investments amounting to 500 billion dollars have been allocated to this city of the future the size of Sardinia, to be built on the shores of the...

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Not just a specific exhibition area, but also a morning and an afternoon conference session dedicated by Green Logistics Expo to the phenomenon that is revolutionising the entire distribution sector – e-commerce. Particularly instructive is the graph of the USA situation proposed by Massimo Marciani during the Sos-Log conference at Milan’s Bicocca University on 16 November, examining the trend in the three most important distribution channels (online, supermarket and neighbourhood shops) between 1992 and 2017. Neighbourhood shops are in free fall, while supermarkets were for the most part stable between 2007 and 2014, then began to decline. Online distribution,...

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The contribution of Assoporti President Zeno D’Agostino to the design for the logistics of the future launched by Green Logistics Expo: dialoguing with the giants of e-commerce needs the direction of the public sector

The debate on the future of logistics already initiated in the last few weeks by Green Logistics Expo is enhanced by the contribution from Zeno D’Agostino, President of Assoporti and President of the Eastern Adriatic Sea Port System Authority. The starting point for his considerations is e-commerce, a theme only apparently far-removed from that of ports. “There is no doubt that electronic commerce is an important phenomenon which is changing the entire structure of the system as a whole. However, the most significant change is that this type of revolution is not being implemented by the traditional actors. Instead...

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