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Food logistics in the limelight at Green Logistics Expo with the contribution of leading sector companies such as Aia and Barilla

Green Logistics Expo is dedicating a special sector of the exhibition to food logistics, with the presence of major operators and the contribution of leaders in the food sector such as Aia and Barilla. Added to this will be the voice of the Politecnico di Milano Food Sustainability Observatory. The market needs low environmental impact solutions, sustainable first and foremost from an economic point of view, but also, of course, in terms of the environment. Green Logistics Expo is the place where companies operating in the food chain, whether producers or logistics services suppliers, can find new opportunities and solutions...

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E-commerce & Digital Transformation. The event in the event

The themes of “E-commerce & Digital Transformation“, the event in the event dedicated by Green Logistics Expo to e-commerce, the latest major innovation currently revolutionising the logistics world, are almost definitive and ready for publication online. Morning and afternoon sessions of studies, analyses and presentations are scheduled for Thursday 8 March 2018, with the coordination of Studio Cappello, Ewolf and CTS. The problems of e-commerce analysed from a logistics point of view will be the focus of the morning session on the theme “How will logistics be changed by the future of e-commerce, integration of corporate processes and the supply...

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Intermodal transport: appointments at Green Logistics Expo

Alongside the constant stream of new participations, the Green Logistics Expo programme of meetings, conferences and workshops is taking ever clearer shape (events programme). Thomas Baumgartner, President of ANITA and Fercam, will open the event, while the panel of speakers (now complete) for the opening conference entitled “From industry to the ports. The new green frontiers of intermodal transport” (available here) includes Renato Mazzoncini CEO of the FSI Group, Zeno D’Agostino, President of Assoporti, Guido Ottolenghi, President of the Confindustria Technical Group for Logistics and Cristobal Milan De La Lastra, Head of Unit C2 of the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency...

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E-commerce: from the concerns of logistics operators, a series of analyses and case histories with the big names of e-commerce

The thoughts of Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Trieste Port Authority, sum up a concern widespread in the logistics world: “The e-commerce phenomenon is changing the structure of the entire system as a whole”. Its enormous relevance to the distribution sector in general and logistics in particular led Green Logistics Expo to dedicate an entire macro-section of the Expo to the phenomenon (“a revolution being implemented by non-traditional logistics players“), in the awareness that e-commerce also influences the exhibition’s other three sectors: City&Logistics, Intermodal Transport and Industrial Logistics. Extensive exhibition space is dedicated to e-commerce and companies specialising in...

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Urban logistics: a new beginning for a real utopia. This will be the subject of discussion on 16 November in Milan and in-depth analysis on 9 March in Padua

After ten or so years during which Urban Logistics has experimented with various organisational models, the sector is today going through a new period of re-design. The ancient boundaries separating the transport of goods and people are being overcome and the functions (means of transport, trade, services, Urban Sustainable Mobility Plans) within the city are being constantly reconsidered with sustainability as the objective. These are highly complex phenomena which are redefining the very design of cities and metropolitan areas. Green Logistics Expo, “Sustainable Logistics” partner, will be present in Milan on 16 November at Bicocca University for the event...

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