The focus is on technological innovation, agro-logistics and sustainable mobility

Green Logistics Expo has launched an important round table with the Dutch Embassy and Consulate in Italy to focus on the second edition of the event to take place between 18 and 20 March 2020 at the Padua Exhibition Centre.

The Dutch representatives have expressed keen interest in the Padua Expo as a potential opportunity to enter into a dialogue on logistics between the two realities in the north and south of Europe.

However, to make the participation of Dutch companies in Green Logistics Expo effective requires immediate joint action to identify the most interesting themes and parties involved.

Starting from the relative strong points, it was therefore decided to explore three different areas in which to involve companies and operators. These are themes common to all the macro-areas around which Green Logistics Expo is organised, the themes of intermodality and City & Logistics in particular.

The first avenue to explore involves the technological modernisation of port activities, focussing in particular on wharfs, a subject which sees Rotterdam at the cutting edge and therefore able to contribute to development of the entire system.

The second concerns one of the new focuses of the next edition of Green Logistics Expo, Integrated Food Logistics. This consists in a face-to-face exchange of views between the food industry, food logistics operators and supermarket chains. As well as being a topical theme of particular interest to Italy, home of good food, “agro-logistics” is a delicate and complex theme, subject to scrupulous certifications and monitoring and with a growing, diversified and exacting demand.

Finally, the third avenue concerns the theme of cities, their habitability, sustainable innovations and in particular electric mobility, the development of bicycle mobility and the consequences for urban transport of the incursion of e-commerce and smart mobility in general.

The round table is not, however, limited to business aspects only. It was agreed that the exchange of views can and must also be extended to embrace culture, the basis of the relative identities and therefore of profitable exchanges.

The meeting concluded with a commitment to define a Dutch Project at Green Logistics Expo before summer, as a focus for the interests of companies from September onwards.