A-SAFE has revolutionised warehouse safety with the RackEye system to notify impacts on shelving

18 Febbraio 2020

Safety in and of warehouses is a must for all responsible companies. One innovative solution presented at Green Logistics Expo by A-SAFE is RackEye, an automatic system for detecting and notifying impacts on shelving. The England-based multinational A-SAFE is a leader in the production of safety barriers and impact protectors in polymer.

Customisable, maintenance-free A-SAFE barriers can be installed both indoors and outdoors in a range of sectors. A mechanical memory enables them to respond elastically to impact without requiring replacement. Impacts on shelving can interrupt work and increase maintenance costs. In extreme cases, they may even cause the shelving itself to collapse. But how can you know there has been an accident? Do you have to rely on information from operatives only? RackEye™ offers a smarter solution to this problem by notifying an impact immediately it occurs, enabling the condition of warehouse shelving to be monitored 24/7. The RackEye system and relative app notify an impact immediately it occurs. The notification includes details to identify the upright, information on the probability of damage and guidelines for performing an inspection.