The themes of “E-commerce & Digital Transformation“, the event in the event dedicated by Green Logistics Expo to e-commerce, the latest major innovation currently revolutionising the logistics world, are almost definitive and ready for publication online. Morning and afternoon sessions of studies, analyses and presentations are scheduled for Thursday 8 March 2018, with the coordination of Studio Cappello, Ewolf and CTS.

The problems of e-commerce analysed from a logistics point of view will be the focus of the morning session on the theme “How will logistics be changed by the future of e-commerce, integration of corporate processes and the supply chain in new models and new digital markets“. The themes tackled include the opportunities of digital innovation, Click&Collect and Reserve&Collect processes and shop returns, together with an overview of e-commerce in Italy.

In the afternoon session, the contributions take a different perspective with the spotlight on consumer expectations and retail-related issues grouped together under the title “Single and multi-channel sales“, exploring purchasing processes, customer communications, the new digital markets in Asia, optimisation and governance of interaction processes between industrial companies and global forwarding services.

The panel of speakers includes the Politecnico di Milano Multimedia Observatory, Oracle, Netsuite, Google, Connect Bay, Qpala, Metro, Fruttaweb and Thun.