The thoughts of Zeno D’Agostino, President of the Trieste Port Authority, sum up a concern widespread in the logistics world: “The e-commerce phenomenon is changing the structure of the entire system as a whole”.

Its enormous relevance to the distribution sector in general and logistics in particular led Green Logistics Expo to dedicate an entire macro-section of the Expo to the phenomenon (“a revolution being implemented by non-traditional logistics players“), in the awareness that e-commerce also influences the exhibition’s other three sectors: City&Logistics, Intermodal Transport and Industrial Logistics.

Extensive exhibition space is dedicated to e-commerce and companies specialising in designing and managing the on-line sales channel. But that is not all. On Thursday 8 March, the entire day will be dedicated to presenting a series of in-depth analyses, case histories and meetings with the big names in the sector – from Amazon to Google – to focus on specific themes with them directly. The event is dedicated to e-commerce logistics, but also to manufacturers and the numerous start-ups approaching this new direct sales channel. What should we be doing to tackle this? Who should we be talking to? What investments are needed for a successful project? The experts will be proposing answers to these and other questions. Neither will we be neglecting the world of traditional retailing, a sector wondering how to behave, how to transform and renew itself in light of these innovations and how to tackle the theme of the new rules necessary for a correct relationship between the public and private sectors.