Not just a specific exhibition area, but also a morning and an afternoon conference session dedicated by Green Logistics Expo to the phenomenon that is revolutionising the entire distribution sector – e-commerce.

Particularly instructive is the graph of the USA situation proposed by Massimo Marciani during the Sos-Log conference at Milan’s Bicocca University on 16 November, examining the trend in the three most important distribution channels (online, supermarket and neighbourhood shops) between 1992 and 2017. Neighbourhood shops are in free fall, while supermarkets were for the most part stable between 2007 and 2014, then began to decline. Online distribution, however, experienced exponential growth, in 2015 becoming the leading sales channel.


Online commerce will thus be under the magnifying glass at Green Logistics Expo on Thursday 8 March, with in-depth analyses, case histories and meetings with the sector’s big names, from Amazon to Google. A day of work and instruction dedicated to e-commerce logistics, together with the manufacturers and numerous start-ups approaching this new direct sales channel for the first time.

A whole day to answer some of the fundamental questions: how should e-commerce be tackled? What investments are needed for a successful project? How easy is it to have a really functional online store? How can we get the best out of e-business? Who should be the target for a successful business? What services should be offered to someone wanting to embark on the new sales channel? What is happening to “old style” retailing? What rules and what relationship between public and private for this new sector?

The answers are entrusted to a panel of prominent speakers, chosen from among the sector’s top players and dedicated to different targets – manufacturers, service companies, agencies and logistics operators – with the aim of providing information and guidance. Some ten or so contributions for concrete exhaustive answers, organised in partnership with Studio Cappello, Ewolf and CST Logistica.


Studio Cappello