The point of view of Confetra and the Freight Leaders Council on the green turning point in logistics and the role of Green Logistics Expo

Nov 18, 2019

The theme of sustainability is ever more at the centre of the debate on the future of logistics and the role of Green Logistics Expo is catalysing the attention of prominent names in the sector. Guido Nicolini, President of Confetra, emphasises: “Full support for an appointment that aims to make the theme of environmental sustainability not just central to our sector, but also to the logistics industry in the widest sense. This was the objective of both the “Water Cure” and the “Iron Cure” initiatives and it is from there that we need to start out again, as we have also indicated more than once to Government and Parliament. Then there are the choices and strategies of businesses and the market which should be coherent with the macro-objectives of the Country System. I believe having conceived a national event to talk about all this really was a brilliant insight. And I am proud that the leader of this project is Interporto di Padova, a Confetra member. We will be there at Green Logistics Expo! .”

Equally incisive is the reasoning of Massimo Marciani, President of the Freight Leaders Council: “The resilient development of our planet must inevitably be founded on a sustainable logic. The more we understand how to construct responsive, efficient and multimodal logistics, the more we can benefit our industrial system. So, as we at the Freight Leaders Council Iike to define it, logistics is the industry of industries, the principal driving force behind Made in Italy competitiveness, able to create added value for our economy, a service and not just a cost. Sustainable logistics can promote the free circulation of goods and encourage development of the shared and circular economy by contributing to the growth of good GDP and employment with high social value. This scenario, which inevitably involves the raising of awareness and the direct and personal commitment of sector companies and key players, will be the winning factor in competition between regions and markets. To achieve this requires the combined effort of institutions, the business system and the world of research, right down to each individual citizen-consumer. The commitment, I would say the mission, of the Freight Leaders Council is, and will always be, that of encouraging the sustainable and resilient development of logistics and our planet, and this is why our association looks with particular favour on initiatives such as Green Logistics Expo which bring those working on these themes together.”