What will the freight forwarder of the future be like, getting to grips with the e-commerce revolution and maybe also 3D printing of goods and products? Logistics has never evolved so quickly as in recent years. Professional figures in the field of transport must adapt to the sudden changes in order to respond to the demands of the market. Confetra has chosen Green Logistics Expo to try and provide an answer to these questions with the conference “The future of the freight forwarder”, to take place on the second day of the event, 8 March 2018. With the participation of sector experts, the conference will analyse probable and possible trends and scenarios from today through the next ten to twenty years. While on one hand, as tangible assets, good will continue to be moved around, the methods and times will change. We are witnessing new phenomena in the logistics sector, such as the concentration of the market in a few large groups at global level and the establishment of e-commerce giants who want to manage logistics for themselves. What action can freight forwarders take to face up to giants of these dimensions without being crushed? Green Logistics Expo is taking place from 7 to 9 March 2018 in the pavilions of PadovaFiere.