Numerous leading companies and prestigious speakers will be taking part in the conferences accompanying the event from 7 to 9 March

The countdown is on to Green Logistics Expo, the International Sustainable Logistics Exhibition taking place from 7 to 9 March 2018 at Fiera di Padova, an innovative expo bringing together leaders in intermodal transport, industrial logistics, e-commerce and services to the city.

Organised in four sections – Intermodal Transport, Industrial Logistics and Real Estate, E-Commerce and City & Logistics – Green Logistics Expo will be taking a systemic look at themes affecting the entire logistics chain, initiating a dialogue with businesses, including through a packed calendar of conferences and seminars.  Logistics is going through a moment of major transformation driven by numerous factors.  The result is impacting strongly on the economy, environment and public opinion.

Jean-Francois Daher, Secretary General of Assologistica (one of the event’s sponsors) comments: “This is a positive period for Italian logistics and the end of the tunnel is at hand.  Now a critical challenge awaits us, represented by what has for some time been defined as a solution, in other words, the digitalisation of functions and processes, also the essential precondition for achieving a logistics sector that is genuinely sustainable and therefore successful in years to come.

This was the inspiration for Green Logistics Expo as a necessary first hand exchange of views among the operators to win the challenge.
Just a few weeks from the event, new participations arrive every day and the list of exhibitors includes prominent names on the Italian and international scene such as Fercam, Ambrogio Trasporti, Felb (the Eurasian company which already operates direct China-Europe-Italy rail links) and Contship, together with Number 1, InRail, I-Log, Trasporti Romagna, CTS Trasporti Logistica, BLG Logistics, Autamaroccchi, Cab-log and DB Cargo Italia Services Srl to name but a few. These are accompanied by leading manufacturers of vehicles at the service of logistics, such as Iveco, Zephir, CVS Ferrari, Crown Lift Trucks, Toyota, Kuenz and others.

Major ports will, of course, also be present at Green Logistics Expo, including La Spezia, Trieste, Civitavecchia and Venice, together with the logistics hubs of Padua, Pordenone, Monfalcone, Prato and Marcianise.

Taking part in the Real Estate area will be Word Capital, Gabetti and Tecnocasa.

The e-commerce section is also well attended, with participants including ConnectBay, Oracle – Netsuite, WMR Digital Group, FruttaWeb, Metro, Google, Quaplà, Thun, Web Marketing  Academy and Studio Cappello.

Leading names in Italian and European logistics will be taking part in the conferences and meetings.  These include: Renato Mazzoncini, CEO of Italian Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato), Zeno D’Agostino, President of Assoporti, Sebastiano Grasso, Managing Director of Business Services, Contship Italia Group, Thomas Baumgartner, President of Anita, and Guido Ottolenghi, President of the Confindustria Technical Group for Logistics, Transport and the Marine Economy.

Others taking part include  Padua University, Rome “La Sapienza” University, Politecnico di Milano, LIUC – Carlo Cattaneo University, Bocconi University and the study centres of leading companies including Barilla and Aia.

So the event is set to be rich in presences and contents and the debate on key themes for the future of logistics is already underway.

As explains Marco Spinedi President of Interporto di Bologna, (one of Italy’s most important logistics hubs) and a speaker in the Green Logistics Expo conference on the sea system and relationships between land platforms and ports: “We need to plan solutions that are clearly an improvement in environmental terms and also correspond to an economic sustainability which is genuine and not just on paper. We must choose the right investments in infrastructure in the rail sector, but also in ports.   Rail infrastructure must be developed, from last mile to equipping the tracks to create more capacity in terms of towed mass and available routes on the lines which are actually needed to connect ports with logistics hubs. We are not there yet, and if we go on fragmenting offer and demand, we will never have those economies of scale which would make the train appealing“.

The President of the Central Tyrrhenian Port System Authority Pietro Spirito, anticipates a number of interesting reflections: “To tackle the theme of the environmental sustainability of logistics and transport, all protagonists must be involved.  Some of the work must be done by logistics hubs on their own, for example, the theme of LNG. Then, on the other hand, there is the theme of connections and at Green Logistics Expo I will be talking of the relationship between ports and logistics hubs. Here there is much still to be done in Italy, particularly in the south of the country.  In the next few months, Special Economic Zones will be appearing in the south of Italy and these will be centred around ports. Modernisation of the logistics system is decisive to the competitiveness of the manufacturing system and southern Italy.  I believe this is the scenario in which we need to think and act, taking an overview of the value chain as a whole and able to initiate a dialogue among the protagonists.

The observations on the e-commerce revolution from Andrea Cappello, Director of the WMR Digital Group, are also interesting: “e-commerce is growing, partly driven by the evolution in delivery and logistics. But which delivery models will grow the most? What will be the implications for merchants, logistics operators and customers? What are the implications for our cities and our habits? Same day delivery, locker, click & collect, drive thru, uber, city biker are just part of an epoch-making change in logistics which is just at the start of its transformation and which we have yet to see. E-commerce is growing with logistics and logistics is completely reinventing itself with e-commerce.”

The organisation of Green Logistics Expo is already in full swing and expectations for the event are growing by the day. For latest news, updates and the programme, together with cultural fringe initiatives and ideas for sightseeing.