B2B and B2C Warehouses for Multichannel Customers; Architectural Quality and Environmental and Economic Sustainability; Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Industrial Home Automation; Packaging.


Venture capital • Green restructuring/conversions • Green buildings • Constructors • Specialized construction • Logistic real estate • Platforms and logistics centers • Industrial districts • Investment funds • Organized Large-Scale Retail • Integrated logistics • Large and medium-sized companies • Micro Fulfillment


Safety equipment • Security systems • Shelving • Internal handling • Warehouse automation • Wearable computers • Automated warehouses • Digital document management • Renewable energy savings and production • Energy efficiency • Batteries • Access and yard management • Industrial closures • Signage • Service cooperatives


Industrial packaging • Pallets • Packaging – Picking – Marking – Management of logistic containers


Geolocation systems • Predictive logistics • Logistic management software • Telematic and telecommunications systems • Hardware • Logistic consulting • Weighing systems


At the heart of Green Logistics Expo, a fundamental hub of modern and sustainable logistics.

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