Everything is changing – the warehouse, its conception, its functions. The innovations affecting one of the fundamental nodes of logistics in recent years are truly numerous. They involve intralogistics, but also the territory, the use of land by properties, and the social functions they can perform.

The energy transition and, in general, sustainability needs suggest turning warehouses into energy producers. Thanks to their large roof surfaces and aided by modern storage systems to ensure continuity, they are becoming crucial “nodes” not only for goods but also for what some scholars have called the “internet of energy.” A new function with economic value and social implications, a path supported by the UIR – United Interports Union – which encourages its members to pursue this route as well as implementing efficiency processes.

Attention will be dedicated to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). With the contribution of experts and, above all, exhibiting companies, Green Logistics Expo will seek to bring, as much as possible, some clarity on the impact, beyond science fiction and even more so from dystopian scenarios, on the concrete actions and uses of this revolutionary application for the functionality and efficiency of warehouses and their safety.

Another theme will be that of automation and robotization, already massively introduced but with much work still to be done. Among these intelligent solutions for horizontal goods transport, laser-guided vehicles for ground handling of heavy loads, robotic applications with human-machine interaction, innovative storage structures with automatic pallet systems, and advanced digital integrations, often designed “tailor-made,” will be explored.

The focus will also extend to the external aspects of warehouses, including doors, loading ramps, and the most advanced security systems.

New solutions also impact picking and palletization operations, activities with high operating costs. Cost reduction, efficiency, and sustainability are the goals of the new proposals that also involve packaging, especially from a green perspective.

Innovation also involves handling and lifting systems, starting with forklifts that showcase new, more sustainable and secure models, capable of “communicating” with the automation of the latest storage systems.

Of great importance, finally, is the theme of warehousing and temperature-controlled transport, largely dedicated to the food sector.

This rapidly evolving world, both technologically and in terms of design, will showcase its innovations at the Green Logistics Expo. An entire day of in-depth exploration, featuring conferences, seminars, and presentations, will be dedicated to this sector.

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