Green Logistics Expo and FSC – Forests For All Forever

5 August 2020

This year, GLE is collaborating with FSC Italia, the Italian branch of the Forests For All Forever organisation. For this edition of the exhibition, we are in fact committed to choosing FSC certified paper products, selecting our suppliers according to criteria of environmental and social responsibility. This decision is further confirmation of the “green” connotations of Green Logistics Expo, committed to promoting sustainable development and representing the benchmark event for the sector on these themes.

For the last 25 years, the international non-profit organisation, Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) has been promoting sustainable and responsible forest and plantation management throughout the world. Its mission is aimed at safeguarding the forests in order to limit climate change and the associated effects, protect biodiversity and watercourses, provide raw material for a low environmental impact economy and protect the means of subsistence of hundreds of millions of people. Through FSC certification, companies producing forestry products such as timber, paper and non-timber products guarantee that the raw materials used to make their products derive from correctly managed forestry sources and the FSC mark enables them to differentiate their products, acquiring a competitive advantage and satisfying a growing market demand.