Cities, a catalyst for competitiveness.
Retailing for the onlife consumer; Orders, deliveries, returns, transport, mobility and services in urban and metropolitan areas; Governance models for complex organisations; Supply and demand sustainability..

All over our planet, cities are experiencing epoch-making changes. In 30 years, 80% of the Italian population will live in a city and according to the World Bank, 75% of the infrastructure that will exist at that time has yet to be built. Currently 75% of traffic occurs near and within urban areas, for the most part lacking an efficient mobility system. This is one of the most important factors for pollution.

Shopping centers, small businesses, deliveries on demand put the supply and delivery system under pressure. Urbanization, sustainability and the digital revolution change the wayonlife citizens order and use goods and services.

Living, producing, working, buying, moving, transporting, consuming require new ways and we are called on to be “builders, not victims of the future”. Which logistics paradigm for sustainable city design? Will new governance models take shape to coordinate flows with citizen involvement?

Exhibition categories:

  • Low environmental impact urban goods distribution models (City Logistics) – Solutions for low environmental impact vehicles – Access and transport control – Restricted traffic area management – Environmental monitoring and specialised consultancy
  • Multi-utilities – Public transport – Car park management – Urban furniture – Urban waste management – Environmental and safety audits – Energy saving – Renewable energy
  • Mobility managers and traffic management
  • Projects – Vehicles and solutions for urban sustainability – Promotion and awareness-raising events