Green Logistics Expo – 3rd edition
A vibrant exhibition at Padua Fair, offering a global perspective on sustainable, modern, and connected logistics.
Focus: infrastructure and vehicles, ecological transition, and automation
Fiera di Padova (Padua) from October 9 to 11, 2024

Wednesday, October 9, Thursday, October 10, and Friday, October 11, 2024, mark the dates for the third edition of GREEN LOGISTICS EXPO at Fiera di Padova. It has become an indispensable event for a sector crucial to a country’s life and economy, which has recently gained unanimous recognition for its strategic role.

This third edition occurs in a complex moment, characterized by intertwined opposing elements. The current economic situation is challenging to decipher. While the sign remains positive, growth has slowed, and the ‘post-Covid rebound’ seems to have faded, revealing worrisome clouds on the horizon. This scenario is accompanied by strong geopolitical disturbances, with the Mediterranean, the ‘middle ocean,’ a global logistics hub, at the epicenter of contention.

Simultaneously, Italian logistics is undergoing a significant process of change and modernization, potentially propelling it to the long-awaited leap in quality, making it competitive internationally and playing a more active role in the country’s development. This process operates on three distinct yet interconnected tracks: infrastructure investments, green transition, and the urgent need for logistics to contribute to the entire system through rationalization and clean energy production. Lastly, there’s the accelerated automation and digitization of structures and models.

Guiding logistics through this maturation process and aligning it directly with the business is the mission with which Green Logistics Expo was born, an objective embraced by all its protagonists. Therefore, there is great anticipation for this third edition, where scenarios, investments, product and model innovations, markets, and infrastructures meet the needs of businesses, territories, stakeholders, and public administrators.

The event will follow the formats already tested in previous editions, hosting the best experiences, both Italian and international, from various exhibition sectors. Intermodal transport will take center stage with the presence of port and interport operations, maritime, railway, and road transport in a moment of significant transformation and strong development of combined transport. In addition to infrastructure nodes, major logistics operators and manufacturers of terminal management equipment will be present: from load and lifting units to automation and management systems, robotics to AI applications.

Equally central will be the theme of “Warehouses.” Crucial for individual companies to manage incoming and outgoing goods, they are strategic for the entire logistics system and a resource for investors. They are now required to perform an additional function – producing clean energy and being crucial nodes in what has been termed the ‘energy internet,’ a crucial component for decarbonization.

The 2024 edition of Green Logistics Expo aims to showcase the entire variety and complexity of the ‘warehouse world,’ environmentally friendly in terms of land consumption and air-friendly for the use and production of clean energy. The exhibition will feature modern solutions for handling and storage, cataloging, weighing and packaging, picking operations, and effective predictive logistics. Intelligent systems and remote controls transform warehouse performance, rendering the traditional Warehouse Management System obsolete.

Special attention will be given to Urban Logistics and various forms of delivery, the aspect that puts logistics in direct contact with the consumer-citizen more than any other. The urbanization of the population, especially in Italy, is a seemingly consolidated trend that, according to an estimate by the World Bank, will require the redesign and construction of 75% of infrastructure in the next thirty years. This means that cities need to envision themselves with new designs and undergo a significant redesign effort, a challenge that urban logistics is called upon to contribute to effectively.

Express couriers, electric and low-energy consumption vehicles, charging networks, access control, and monitoring, multi-utilities, urban distribution models will engage an audience of administrators, city managers, urban planners and architects, retail, and large-scale retail.

As tradition dictates, the program of conferences, seminars, demonstrations, and roundtable discussions at the event will be of significant depth and interest. In its implementation, Green Logistics Expo will not work alone; the most representative associations in the sector will be involved, along with exhibitors, public decision-makers, researchers and analysts, and the best research centers. Their authority and expertise will add value and appeal to a program that will address both scenario aspects and technical and organizational insights, delving into the details of proposed solutions.

The event anticipates a diverse audience, with logistics managers from manufacturing and organized large-scale distribution at the forefront, entrepreneurs and managers from small, medium, and large enterprises, as well as public administrators, institutional representatives, and experts in logistics, transportation, and urban planning. This achievement will result from a robust communication plan involving both traditional media and strong digital communication.

“With this third edition of Green Logistics Expo,” declares Nicola Rossi, President of Padua Hall, “we aim to welcome the entire logistics world to a fair district that is also undergoing a process of profound innovation and modernization. The event, already promising in quality, thanks in part to the support of Interporto Padua, responds to a felt need within the country’s system. Our commitment, besides welcoming the protagonists in the best way possible, is to guide the owners and managers of Italian manufacturing in finding the best solutions for both their internal logistics and exports.

But beyond them, the event will also involve public administrators engaged in the design and creative effort for less polluting and congested urban logistics and e-commerce that can improve the quality of life for residents. Green Logistics Expo is an event with substantial content, an example of a path that Padua Fair intends to continue.”

Italian logistics invites you to Padua Fair from October 9 to 11, 2024, for Green Logistics Expo, a lively exhibition with a global vision for connected, modern, and sustainable logistics.


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