An important collaboration agreement has been signed between the Green Logistic Expo in Padua and Fermerci, the representative association of the freight railway transport system in Italy, with approximately 60 member companies representing 72% of the national railway traffic in terms of train-kilometers. These companies employ a total of about 12,000 workers and generate an aggregate turnover of 3 billion euros, with a forecasted investment in Italy of up to 2 billion euros. The Association will have a significant exhibition space at the upcoming edition of GLE, scheduled from October 9 to 11, 2024, at the Padua Fair, placing freight railway transport at the center of a sustainable, modern, and intermodal logistics development.

Clemente Carta, President of Fermerci, anticipates, “At the Green Logistics Expo in Padua, we will present Casa Fermerci, a large exhibition space that will be a meeting point for our members, along with initiatives of interest for the entire freight railway transport sector in Italy.” Nicola Rossi, President of Padua Hall, emphasizes, “The collaboration with Fermerci confirms the nature and mission of Green Logistics Expo, namely, to be an exhibition in service of Italian logistics, in all its components, starting from intermodality. It is a collaboration that leads us to believe that the October event will be rich in authentic content and attended by many leading companies in their respective segments, visited by the most representative stakeholders and leaders from all sectors of Italian manufacturing seeking the best solutions for their business.”

The logistics and freight railway transport sector constitute a fundamental and indispensable economic sector for any transportation policy with overall goals of environmental decarbonization, circular economy, sustainability of goods circulation, and integration between different transport modes.

For Fermerci, the logistics sector for freight railway transport in Italy, even today, does not fully express its potential: an immediate revitalization of freight railway transport is necessary, adapted to the current European railway logistics scenario, involving national and regional institutional actors. Reform interventions must be inspired by a systemic vision and implemented through cooperation between different transport modes.


GREEN LOGISTICS EXPO, the International Exhibition of Sustainable Logistics, now in its third edition in 2024, is the only B2B trade fair that connects Logistics Operators with the world of Production, Distribution, and Commerce. Created to accompany logistics in its path to full maturity and directly engage with businesses, it showcases leaders in railway intermodality and freight transport, enterprise logistics, port logistics, e-commerce, and urban governance.

ASSOCIAZIONE FERMERCI, established in 2022, represents the freight railway transport system in Italy. Its members include railway companies, railway terminals, multimodal and last-mile railway operators, locomotive manufacturers, leasing companies holding railway cars and their workshops, and personnel training centers in the railway sector. In 2023, the Association grew by 250%, from 9 founding members to about 60 participating companies, including direct and indirect members. The group of companies represents 72% of the national railway traffic in terms of train-kilometers, employs about 12,000 workers, and generates an aggregate turnover of 3 billion euros, with investments planned in Italy up to 2 billion euros.