Green Logistics Expo, International Sustainable Logistics Exhibition, will be held in Padua, from Wednesday 7th to Friday 9th March 2018.

Green Logistics Expo, an international event for business, marketing, culture, study, exhibition and an exchange of views on the most advanced themes concerning the logistics chain and its interactions with environmental sustainability.

Padua, a strategic logistics centre in north east Italy, designates the Interporto Padova hub as a player in the institutional, manufacturing and research fabric for an integrated event covering all aspects of logistics.

During the last ten years, logistics has constantly adapted the way it responds to the demands of a constantly evolving market. Today the need for a direct exchange of views between the leading protagonists is felt by operators, decision-makers, manufacturers, regional systems and the manufacturing system itself.

All those operating in the logistics chain and services to the city, for a connected exhibition dedicated to efficiency and sustainability.

Target audience

Green Logistics Expo is a B2B exhibition conceived for the entire manufacturing world: Logistics, outsourcing, warehouse management, forwarding, cost budget and sales channel development managers; Public administrators and city managers; Consultants and researchers; Transport and logistics experts; Artisans; Supermarket chains, Shopkeepers; E-commerce operators.

Why take part in Green Logistics Expo?

  • Because it is the only exhibition dedicated to the entire logistics chain for a face-to-face exchange of views on business and scenarios.

  • Because it is a connected exhibition which looks to the future and fields the consolidated know-how of the key
    logistics players in the various sectors.

  • Because it provides an opportunity for direct dialogue between the various protagonists, including the manufacturing system through corporate logistics managers.


Four solutions for an innovative exhibition formula




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