Logistics in the food industry will be playing a leading role at Green Logistics Expo, with a dedicated specialized area. Particularly important is the partnership with one of the sector’s leaders, the Number1 Logistics Group, engaged in implementation of a series of top level conferences and workshops.

At Green Logistics Expo, logistics companies specializing in the food sector will therefore be able to find solutions and services for the various product categories – groceries, beverages, fresh and refrigerated goods, fruit and vegetables and meat – and will be able to learn about future trends in the sector. Logistics managers in the food industry will have an opportunity to meet partners able to optimize their logistics chain and improve the efficiency of process integration.

Green Logistics Expo tackles all themes in the sector, in the conviction that optimization of the logistics chain is both an economic objective for sector businesses and at the same time an ethical goal for the logistics community, as it contributes to environmental sustainability and the reduction of food waste.