Green Logistics Expo 2020 contributes to the culture of sustainability

Nov 18, 2019

Green Logistics Expo, the international sustainable logistics exhibition, is sensitive to green events, establishing connections and alliances with the common aim of contributing to the growth of a culture of environmental economic and social sustainability.

Important actions that influence behaviour and research, a fundamental ally in the environmental challenge. This is why it is a partner of Super Walls, the Sustainable Street Art Biennial held in Padua and Abano Terme in summer. Speaking the language of contemporaneity and working on the visual landscape, the event contributes to the regeneration of cities and construction of the new “Urban Designs” that are at the focus of City & Logistics, one of the four Green Logistics Expo macro areas. The green aspect is, on the other hand, emphasised by the technology used by the artists who created their works using Airlite paints which when activated by the light are able to purify the air of 88.8% of pollutants, transforming such substances as nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, methylene chloride and benzene into inert minerals, eliminating bacteria, neutralising odours and repelling dust. Ever more companies are deciding to have the outer walls of their factory buildings decorated by talented street artists, with the aim of making our industrial areas more pleasing and liveable. The “smog eating” paints give added value to these projects. Green Logistics Expo has backed the creation of a work inspired by sustainable logistics by the artist Roulè on panels and this will be displayed during the three days of the Expo to take place from 18 to 20 March 2020.