The fresh and perishable foodstuffs need a very professional and specialized logistics chain.

Green Logistics Expo, the new International Exhibition dedicated to Sustainable Logistics, is promoted by Interporto Padova and PadovaFiere on March 7th to 9th, 2018, is enriched with a new specialist field: this one is dedicated to Fresh Food Logistics. This is a sector of great importance in Italy where quality of agri-food production is very widespread, but it still lacks some difficulties to reach consumers in an optimum way. The theme is also also central for a European Commission project in the context of CEF Program and it involves, in addition to Italy, Slovenia, France, Cyprus and Israel. Fresh Food Logistics presupposes a very high specialization: perishable products must be kept in the optimal temperature range along the way from the origin to the point of sale, they have a very short shelf-life and those who care about this industry know that customers ask an exasperated service level. Green Logistics Expo is attentive to all the latest market trends and developments and becouse of these, the Exhibition could not overlook this particular segment that is becoming more and more important wheter we look at the domestic market and the import export relationships of these products. The focus of Green Logistics Expo will be on: the equipment and technologies that enable firms to move and to transport fresh food safely by keeping the organoleptic characteristics, proximity stores with controlled temperature, fresh food corridors in the intermodal and logistics chains, the needs of the GDO and the new challenges posed by the e-commerce of fresh and perishable products. Last but not least, some conferences will take place during the exhibition and they will face themes like the complex legislation that regulates the transport of fresh food, the hygiene and sanitation standards (HCCPs and automotive health certifications for example) or some aspects of the Road Code. The time consideration, especially for fruit and vegetables, is crucial: “commercial times” must take into account the “organic times” of agricultural products, but they inevitably collide with logistical time. Many solutions will be find at Green Logistics Expo.

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