Mar 30, 2019

(Milan, 26 October 2018) – Green Logistics Expo, the new International Exhibition dedicated to innovation in logistics and its relations with sustainability, the first edition was successfully held from 7 to 9 March. The show’s organizers received today in Milan the prestigious award “The Logistics Operator of the Year” assigned by Assologistica and by the specialized magazine Euromerci. The award reached its 14th edition.

Conceived and organized by Interporto Padova in collaboration with the Fair of Padua and Geo Spa and the involvement of the University of Padua, the Chamber of Commerce and production categories, the new event immediately stood out in the national and international trade fair scene for its innovative approach, that found the consensus of operators of the entire articulated world of logistics.

Green Logistics Expo in fact, does not turn the spotlight on a specific segment of the supply chain, but treats the complexity of the system as a whole, in this way enhancing the operational and economic relations that move the entire logistics chain.

Furthermore, it broadens its vision to the world of industrial production and the complexity of services for urban areas.

Choices that are dictated by an in-depth analysis of the important innovations that are today affecting the world of logistics: the emergence of e-commerce with the enormous implications that this business model has on the distribution of goods, the national and international objectives for sustainability of rigorous economic activities, the increasingly sophisticated demand for mobility and transport in urban areas, with constant population growth, the demand from the manufacturing world for increasingly integrated logistics for production processes.

The president of Interporto Padova Sergio Gelain emphasizes: “It is a great honor to be awarded the” The Logistics Operator of the Year” award, certainly the most prestigious recognition in the sector at national level. We are really happy that Green Logistics Expo, a project that we designed and built with Fiera di Padova, Geo Spa in collaboration with Universities, trade associations and the Chamber of Commerce has found such an important response from operators. This confirms our intuition, namely that the world of logistics is very attentive to innovation and needs a place where this theme is shared authoritatively with business. Interporto Padova has always interpreted its role as an operator of innovative services. I am thinking of Cityporto, the first urban freight distribution service in Italy with ecological vehicles, or the large photovoltaic plant that covers the roofs of all Interporto warehouses: designing and building a fair dedicated to the logistics of the future is our way of contributing to the growth of the whole sector. Green Logistics Expo, is also a trade show perfectly in line with the guidelines for the development of the Padua Exhibition Center, that is research and innovation, indicated by Fiera di Padova Immobiliare in these days.

After the success of the first edition (almost 250 exhibitors, over 5,000 professional visitors, 50 events and top-level study meetings) Green Logistics Expo returns with the second edition from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 March 2020.