The warehouse: a positive balance between consumption and production of renewable energy. Not a utopia

On a par with other factors in the supply chain, in the flow of the digital revolution and the achievement of green targets, the “warehouse”, a fundamental link in the logistics system, has become a focus for special attention by research and innovation in products, processes and models. Artificial intelligence, automation, remote control and numerous other functions are under observation.

Politecnico di Milano’s “Gino Marchet” Contract Logistics Observatory is focusing its attention on this theme from a green perspective, analysing energy efficiency and emissions. The results of the study, carried out on a sample of 55 logistics structures, have been published by the scientific director Andrea Fossa in the January/February 2019 issue of “Il giornale della Logistica”, media sponsor of Green Logistics Expo. A first step for a theme still “lacking in suitable scientific literature, including at international level”.

There is still a long way to go, but the results (currently awaiting validation) are encouraging, in terms of both the green prospects and the value of the real estate where “energy efficiency has become a distinguishing feature: it adds value to the property”.  

“The ‘carbon neutral’ warehouse (in other words, without CO2 emissions and because it consumes little energy, produces its own energy or uses only renewable energy) is no longer a Utopia”, concludes Fossa.

The efficiency and eco-compatibility of warehouses will be at the centre of attention in the exhibition, analyses and exchange of views in the Industrial Logistics – Real Estate area of the next edition of Green Logistics Expo.