The combined system is growing… but not enough

“Combined traffic is an emerging market”, according to Bulletin 27 of the “Freight Leaders Council”, dedicated to intermodal rail transport, considered an opportunity for growth. A complex system organised in a single chain. “The sector today numbers 140 logistics operators who organise all, or most, of the entire logistics chain (pick-up from the customer – truck – terminal – train – terminal – truck – delivery to the customer). A volume of traffic estimated at 192 million tonnes, with an average growth rate in Europe of 7.7% and competitive transport from 500 km, or already from 300 km in the case of Alpine transport.

According to the Freight Leaders Council’s analyses, multimodality is fundamental if the transport sector is to achieve the necessary reduction in emissions and also resolve the problem of congestion.

So… infrastructure, efficiency, research into energies, vehicle innovation and “achievement of a zero emissions urban logistics system” (Q27 – FLC).

Intermodality is the heart of the Green Logistics Expo project, an invitation to a face-to-face exchange of views with all of Italian and international logistics for three days of exhibition and dialogue. Next edition: 18, 19, 20 March 2020 in Padua. The intermodal sector will be represented by ports, logistics hubs, ships, railways, vehicles, infrastructure, governance systems and ICT. An efficient and highly developed intermodal system is vital for Italy to compete on the European and global markets and intercept new flows of goods.