Thursday March 8th Green Logistics Expo will host a day of study and case histories of E-commerce success stories

The growth of e-commerce is one of the most significant developments in the new logistics scenario. How is the supply chain affected and with what new services? What development for multi-channel formulas? What perspectives and organization for click-and-collect services, in-store pick-up and locker models? What repercussions will 3D printing have on logistics? Which models for approaching international marketplaces? How will online and offline promotional strategies change?

“How logistics will change for the future of e-commerce, integration of business processes and supply chain in new distribution models and new digital markets”

  • E-commerce in Italy, a challenging framework of constant double-digit growth and new models of internationalization. Presentation of the Observatory research data.
  • B2C logistics as a strategic differentiated element. The changes taking place in the models of the logistics of the future at the service of e-commerce. New levels of service to meet an increasingly demanding and informed consumer.
  • Connect strategy, technological solutions and processes to enable a new way to relate with the final consumer in new markets. The experience in the field of a spin-off of industrial logistics at the service of the digital transformation market of Italian companies. Insourcing solutions, outsourcing, hybrid models.
  • People, processes and technology are the three key elements to face the integration of omni channel supply chain models, freeing themselves from the rigidity and complexity of company information systems. How to deal with the processes of Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect and returned to the store.
  • New opportunities, new business models and new tools, one way: to adopt a digital innovation manager in the company to accelerate the digital transformation process.
  • Case studies.

“Omnichannel and multichannel sales”

  • The purchase process today along the infinite customer journey and repercussions in the models of interaction with final consumers in the omnichannel touch points. The “logistics” of personalized communication through the content supply chain.
  • Where is my package? How to make the most of the most delicate and sometimes obscure phase of the purchasing process: shipping. Communicating and supporting your customer correctly at this stage will make a huge difference in terms of the shopping experience with a huge side effect: the loyalty of your consumer over time.
  • The new and endless digital distribution markets in Asia. How to tackle the organizational and logistic challenge of the landing place on Chinese marketplaces.
  • B2B Marketplace for the optimization and governance of the processes of interaction between industrial companies and global forwarding services.
  • Case studies.

Key sectors:
E-commerce players: International and national e-commerce platform players
Services and marketing: IT solutions for e-commerce – Web marketing – Web agency – Social media – Specialized delivery companies and operators – E-commerce workshops for start-ups


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Green Logistics Expo develops around four macro areas selected as strategical for building the future of logistics.