Logistics after the Coronavirus

31 Marzo 2020

A new date will be set for Green Logistics Expo as the occasion to relaunch the sector

The evolving scenarios of the Coronavirus emergency that has involved not just Italy but the whole of Europe and many other countries on the planet are today much more alarming than those facing us when we decided to postpone Green Logistics Expo from March to May.

The exceptional nature of the containment provisions adopted by the Italian authorities and the similar measures being taken by political authorities at international level clearly show the severity of the crisis and engage everyone – individual citizens, health workers, organisations and the business world – in a united battle against the pandemic.

This shock, unthinkable just a short while ago, is profoundly modifying the fundamental basics of the economy and the activity of businesses. Governments and international authorities are committed to overcoming the pandemic, putting health first, and to radically redefining the economic scenarios within which to operate to come through the current crisis phase, adopting the necessary instruments for a new phase of development.

In light of the new scenario, the need to protect our exhibitors’ investments and the conviction that Green Logistics Expo is at the service of the logistics sector, the market and the growth of a culture of sustainability, we have decided that not even the May date can guarantee the objective that all of us, both organisers and exhibitors, had set ourselves.

Green Logistics Expo is therefore being postponed again to a new date to be identified and communicated as soon as the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic becomes clear, taking into account the interests of companies, compatible with a redefined exhibition calendar and with the sole objective of serving businesses in the new economic phase, once this difficult situation has been overcome.

With the confidence characteristic of the business world, we all hope for a rapid resolution of the emergency and a swift new start, with Green Logistics Expo as the occasion for an exchange of views and the relaunch of a sector whose strategic function in the economic and trade system will be confirmed.