Green Logistics Expo to turn the spotlight on the state-of-the-art in sustainable logistics, say Marco Gosso CEO of Mercitalia Logistics and Andrea Gentile President of Assologistica

Ott 8, 2019

The Green Logistics Expo format is attracting the interest and attention of the leading protagonists of Italian logistics, ever sensitive to the question of the sustainability – environmental and otherwise – of one of the production world’s key functions. Marco Gosso, CEO of Mercitalia Logistics, and Andrea Gentile, President di Assologistica, have matured some observations on the theme and both emphasise the key role played for the sector by Green Logistics Expo.

“The international Green Logistics Expo is an important opportunity to turn the spotlight on the state-of-the-art in sustainable logistics, one of the central themes of Polo Mercitalia’s Industrial Plan for 2019-2023″, emphasises Marco Gosso Chief Executive Officer of Mercitalia Logistics (the Italian Railways Group). “The shift of goods traffic from road to rail is one of our strategic objectives, in line with the indications in the EU White Paper (30% of goods transport by rail by 2030, 50% by 2050).

To give two concrete examples, at the end of 2018 we launched Mercitalia Fast, the only service for the high-speed rail transport sector dedicated to goods requiring fast, safe delivery. This service will lighten the burden on Italy’s main motorway thoroughfare (A1 motorway) by about 9000 trucks per year, reducing emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by 80% with respect to road transport. In addition, with our rail division, Mercitalia Rail, we have recently signed an agreement with the Marcegaglia group to transport steel using super-performance electric locomotives and new smart rail cars. This commitment will result in about 1.3 million tonnes of steel transported by rail each year, with evident benefits in terms of environmental sustainability. In 2018, Mercitalia Rail’s services for Marcegaglia enabled about 75,000 TIRs to be transferred from road to rail, with a saving of about 27,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the environment”.

According to Andrea Gentile, President of Assologistica: “Sustainability (environmental, economic and social) is an ever more important and sensitive theme, first and foremost at cultural-political level, but also for the world of production and consequently that of logistics, given that our sector can play a decisive role in achieving environmental sustainability, along with all the spin-off, both economic (lower costs thanks to green choices and policies) and social (well-being of the entire community). Having an Expo with “green” themes as its strong point is therefore of vital importance for our sector.

In the meantime, Green Logistics Expo has received the participation of the Port of Genoa which, as well as taking part with its own stand, is also developing a series of specific initiatives for the three days of the event, and the grocery logistics leader, the Number 1 Logistics Group, which will be an active partner in this second edition of the Expo, in line with the ever greener policies adopted in recent years by the company, centred around development of the potentials offered by the new technologies in respect of the environment and eco-sustainability.