Thanks to FELB, the leading rail operator using the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, a train unites Eurasia
Not as an alternative to shipping, but as a real and efficient new opportunity for connecting with China, a network of rail services to and from Asia is now operative and will be implemented over the next few months. The network will also extend to Italy, with Padua as the central goods destination node. This has been made possible thanks to FELB, the leading Eurasian railway operator.
 FELB presented the entire range of services to operators during an event organised in collaboration with Green Logistics Expo.

“We are able to offer this service, which just a few years ago would have seemed pure science fiction, thanks also to our parent company, Russian Railways, and Transcontainer with which we have an excellent partnership relationship”, explains Leonardo Vender, FELB Head of Marketing. “The transit time is 14/15 days, becoming 16 for Italy”, he adds.
Remaining in Italy, according to Nicola Cavasin, FELB Sales Manager in Milan: “Within two or three months, we will be launching a couple of trains from Interporto Padova to Brest/Malaszewicze in Poland, from where it will be possible to reach all destinations in China, together with South Korea and Japan”.
During Green Logistics Expo, all operators and the entire manufacturing sector will be able to verify FELB’s schedule and the entire range of services on offer.