Green Logistics Expo, the International Sustainable Logistics Exhibition

First edition on 7, 8, 9 March 2018 in the Pavilions of the Padua Expo Centre.

(Padua 13 December 2016) Green Logistics Expo, the International Sustainable Logistics Exhibition, is born in Padua. Promoted by Interporto Padova and PadovaFiere, the first edition – to take place in the renovated pavilions of Padua Expo Centre between 8 and 9 March 2018 – intends to become the Italian benchmark event for the whole sector.

Three days with the spotlight on all the most advanced themes in the logistics chain, starting obviously from sustainability and going right up to the opportunities offered by the new technologies. A revolution is underway… will drones bring our purchases right to our front door? Will 3D printers do away with the need to transport goods and things? Green Logistics Expo will try and answer these intriguing questions, but will also tackle themes which, although perhaps less fascinating, certainly have more concrete relevance in the design of efficient, sustainable logistics, allowing Italy to save the overrun of €13 billion for goods handling with respect to the European average. What energy sources will we use to fuel our vehicles? Natural gas, electricity or even hydrogen? How will we transport our goods on trains to cut CO2 emissions and reduce road congestion? What will be the needs of the new ever more automated industrial logistics sector, needs which real estate operators will also have to satisfy? Where will the new warehouses be and what will they be like?

Green Logistics Expo takes an integrated overall view of the sector, with the aim of becoming the first choice venue for a face-to-face exchange of views on business and scenario strategies for all logistics operators and manufacturers who will be able to find all the opportunities they need to optimise their supply chain.

Green Logistics Expo is centred around four macro-areas identified as strategic to build the logistics of the future: Intermodal Transport, E-Commerce, City & Logistics, Industrial Logistics and Real Estate. In each case, the exhibitors’ stands are accompanied by in-depth study and focus events with conferences and specialist workshops.

Exhibitors will include operators from the world of rail transport, ports and logistics hubs, terminal operators, cargo airports and companies producing associated vehicles, equipment and systems, Logistics platforms and centre, Industrial districts and Investment funds, Specialised construction companies and green buildings, Logistics providers, Traditional and express delivery companies, freight forwarders, road haulage contractors and Supermarket chains, City logistics services managers, Urban utilities and transport, Public Administration and associated services, Research and the university world.

The aim for all those involved in the logistics chain is to combine economic and environmental efficiency and sustainability. A goal which is also at the centre of government policies, brought together in the Strategic National Plan for Ports and Logistics, which identifies four objectives: Accessibility at regional, European and Mediterranean level, Safe sustainable mobility, Quality of life and competitiveness in urban areas, Support for industrial and supply chain policies.

There is at present both a great demand for logistics and many questions asked of logistics.

The ambition of the City of Padua and Green Logistics Expo is to provide a response to both, thanks, on one hand, to the consolidated experience in the sector represented by Interporto Padova Spa’s know-how and successes, and on the other, the attention always paid to these themes by Fiera di Padova.

This event will also launch an innovative new format conceived by Fiera di Padova to be more economically and environmentally sustainable, cutting the logistics costs of setting up the Exhibition and reducing the waste produced at the end, confirmation of the Fiera’s personal commitment to these themes.

“The history of the Interporto Padova hub goes back more than 40 years”, underlines President Sergio Giordani. “Since it was founded, its three objectives have always been the same: efficiency, innovation and sustainability. So far, ours has been a success story. We are one of Italy’s leading logistics hubs, we have created Cityporto, unquestionably the best urban goods distribution service in Italy and one of the best in the world and we have one of the largest roof photovoltaic installations in Italy. And precisely during Green Logistics Expo, we will be inaugurating four new electric portal cranes in our Intermodal Terminal. The legislation setting up logistics hubs gives them a role at the service of the community. Over and above the exciting challenge, putting our know-how at the service of Green Logistics Expo therefore came naturally to us”.

“Like Interporto Padova, Fiera di Padova also has a great past, but above all, it has a great future”, comments Andrea Olivi, President of Geo Spa, the company responsible for running the Padua exhibition centre. Green Logistics Expo is an important element in a complex project centred around a simple concept – the traditional way of staging trade exhibitions is outdated. They should no longer be just places to display goods and services, but permanent workshops helping companies identify new business and new markets, while maintaining solid links with their own local area and history.  Logistics is a key function for every kind of company and we are therefore proud to propose, particularly to the manufacturing sector, a top level event missing in Italy until now.

Green Logistics Expo is thus an Innovative, International, Instructive, Informative and Systemic exhibition proposing a B2B meeting to the world of transport logistics and associated services. An innovative exhibition with leaders in E-Commerce, Intermodal Transport, Industrial Logistics and Services for the Smart City of the Future.

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