Second edition of Green Logistics Expo at Padua Exhibition Center – WHERE LOGISTICS MEETS THE BUSINESS WORLD

Mar 31, 2019

Save the date for 2020, from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 March
The organisational machine for the second edition of Green Logistics Expo, the International Sustainable Logistics Exhibition to take place at Fiera di Padova, is in full swing and the first participations and declarations of interest are already arriving.

The two-yearly appointment with logistics at the service of the world of business has already been fixed for March 2020, from Wednesday 18 to Friday 20.

The objectives of the new edition have now been defined, on the basis of the appreciation expressed for the first edition which took place in March last year.

A success confirmed by the operators and businesses that have recognised Green Logistics Expo as the new benchmark event, placing Italy on a par with the leading European countries. A B2B event where customers and colleagues arrange to meet to compare notes on the European and global markets, an opportunity lacking in Italy until now; a meeting place for logistics operators and the world of production, distribution and commerce.

The formula, appreciated by both exhibitors and professional visitors, will remain unchanged. The Expo is divided into four macro areas: Intermodality and transport; Industrial logistics and real estate for logistics; E-commerce, and City & Logistics and urban mobility, ready to welcome leaders in intermodal rail transport and freight transportation, logistics for industry, ports, e-commerce and services for the city of tomorrow.

So at Green Logistics Expo, you will find ports, logistics hubs, ships, railways, vehicles, infrastructure, governance systems and ICT for intermodality. Particularly close attention will be paid to intralogistics and the major changes that are profoundly changing the “warehouse” in the wake of the digital revolution, industry 4.0 and the green objectives.

The new “urban designs” and “onlife” citizen will be the focus of the exhibition dedicated to Urban Logistics, with particular emphasis on transport and mobility related themes. The now “disconnected” places and ways people shop will be tackled in the areas dedicated to e-commerce, a phenomenon that has radically changed the scenario of commerce, introducing new professional figures, such as experts in analytics and big data, and obliging logistics to take on ever more demanding challenges, from the last mile to the green demand, the Internet of Things and the difficulties of the blockchain.

As in the first edition, Green Logistics Expo will also be accompanied by a far-reaching programme of conferences, meetings and workshops, ideal places to meet and exchange views with representatives of the institutions and public administrations, researchers and experts in transport and urban planning. The programme will be developed in close contact with those taking part in the event and will grow day by day, backed by an appropriate communications campaign aimed at the entire world of Italian logistics.

The themes tackled will include scenarios, technical solutions and innovative products and organizational and business models, with in-depth analyses of themes such as the development of intermodality and infrastructure, real estate management and automation of warehouses using AI (Artificial Intelligence), logistics and commerce in the e-commerce revolution and the new green urban designs.

In the second edition, there will therefore be even more space and more exhibitors, with 450 expected to take part, 70% Italian. Visitors numbers are also expected to be up (12,000), with a full 20% coming from abroad, confirmation of the event’s international vocation.

Numerous professional figures will be able to find possible solutions for their needs at Green Logistics Expo, obviously logistics and warehouse managers first and foremost, but also businessmen and managers of both large and small enterprises. Logistics for both raw materials and distribution is now a fundamental part of the production process and is no longer considered a mere service. What is more, manufacturing companies are ever more aware that selling “ex-works” involves far from negligible risks and lacks interesting opportunities which could have a significant effect on margins.

The objectives are clear: more exhibition space, a growing international dimension with a guest country, an even closer relationship with the worlds of business and manufacturing and even more professional workshops.

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