The new “Sustainable Logistics” trademark is linked to an innovative private protocol involving the entire supply chain, right down to the end user. The mark will help develop consumer awareness during product purchasing, enabling them to verify that the transport, storage and distribution processes are economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.

The mark consists in a private protocol developed following years of research by the¬†SOS-Log association (a member of Assologistica) and taking shape through collaboration with Lloyd’s Register.

As the President of SOS-Log, Daniele Testi, explains: “Sustainable logistics will be a long complex process which can only be speeded up by developing a new culture among end consumers, finally making them aware not just of a product’s origin or production methods, but also the logistics process involved”.
Presented in Milan in June, the trademark will now go on a presentation tour and a first important exchange of views during a conference scheduled to take place in Milan in November. Green Logistics Expo in Padua will represent an important opportunity to verify functioning of the first phase in the life of the trademark.