In Milan, the prestigious “Logistics of the Year” prize, assigned by Assologistica and the specialist magazine Euromerci and now in its 14th edition, has been awarded to Green Logistics Expo, the new international exhibition dedicated to innovation in logistics and its relationships with sustainability launched successfully with the first edition from 7 to 9 March earlier this year.

Conceived and organised by Interporto Padova in collaboration with Fiera di Padova and Geo Spa, with the involvement of the University, Chamber of Commerce and production sectors, the new event immediately made its mark on the Italian and international exhibition scene for its innovative approach, welcomed by operators from right across the complex world of logistics.

Green Logistics Expo does not, in fact, turn the spotlight on any specific segment of the supply chain, but instead covers the complexity of the system as a whole, valorising the operational and economic relationships driving the entire logistics chain.

And it also extends its vision to the world of industrial production and the complexity of urban services.

Choices dictated by an in-depth analysis of the major innovations sweeping across the world of logistics today: from the rise of e-commerce with the enormous implications this commercial model has on goods distribution, to the ever more rigorous national and international strategies for the environmental sustainability of businesses, the ever more sophisticated demand for mobility and transport in urban areas with their constantly growing population, and the demand from the world of manufacturing for logistics integrated ever more effectively into the production process.

As the president of Interporto Padova, Sergio Gelain, emphasises:  “It is an enormous honour to be awarded the “Logistics of the Year” prize, without doubt the most prestigious sector award in Italy.   We are delighted that operators decided to award this important recognition to Green Logistics Expo, a project conceived and implemented with Fiera di Padova and Geo Spa, with the involvement of the University, sector associations and the Chamber of Commerce. This confirms our intuition, namely that the world of logistics is very sensitive to innovation and needs a place where this theme can be authoritatively shared with the market.  Interporto Padova has always played its role as an operator at the service of its market by looking towards innovation.  For example, with Cityporto, the first urban goods distribution service in Italy using ecological vehicles, or the large-scale photovoltaic installation covering the roofs of all warehouses in the freight hub. Conceiving and implementing an exhibition dedicated to the logistics of the future is our way of contributing to the growth of the entire sector. Green Logistics Expo is also a specialised exhibition, perfectly in harmony with the development strategies of Fiera di Padova, in other words, research and innovation, indicated by Fiera di Padova Immobiliare in the last few days.”

After the success of the first edition (almost 250 companies present, more than 5000 professional visitors and more than 50 top level events and study meetings), Green Logistics Expo will be back with the second edition already fixed for Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 March 2020.

The organisational machine is already fully operative and we are able to reveal a number of the innovations in the new event: the addition of an exhibition pavilion, greater international prominence and even closer attention to the emerging themes of innovation, such as e-commerce, automation and artificial intelligence applications.

Particularly close attention will be dedicated to the world of intralogistics and innovative solutions for moving goods and materials inside companies.

So the appointment for all those involved in logistics is in Padua from 18 to 20 March 2020