Together with technology, means of transport, platforms, research and organisational factors, Green Logistics Expo never loses sight of people. People in fact are still at the heart of logistics organisation, both as the “beneficiary” of the entire process, given that the goods are destined for them, and as the operator vital to ensure functioning of the system.

Thanks to the commitment of its exhibitors, Green Logistics Expo is dedicating a number of moments of reflection and instruction to the “human factor” during three events on Thursday 8 and Friday 9.

The first meeting examines the relationship between “economic value and the human factor” in the context of the transport world, to provide the tools necessary to reflect on the valorization of operator health and safety in the sector.

Management of panic in emergency situations” is the topic covered in the second appointment. Starting from the awareness that “emergencies” are unavoidable, it is fundamental to know how to manage them as effectively as possible. For example, fear predisposes the organism to provide a response coherent with the surrounding reality in that particular situation.

The relationship between “technological excess and ethics” is the theme of the third meeting. Technological aids can reduce attention and responsibility while driving. It is therefore important to go back to the concept of a more ethical use of technology, keeping the driver’s attention focussed on the road rather than the smartphone, for traffic police experts, still the most common cause of distraction while driving.

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