Green Logistics Expo at UMS – Ultimo Miglio Sostenibile and Padova Bike City

Nov 18, 2019

Urban logistics, the logistics of the so-called “last mile”, has become a central theme, with the need to reorganise the life of our cities from a green perspective and the explosion of the home deliveries of packages generated by e-commerce. Over the last few weeks, Green Logistics Expo and Interporto Padova have taken part in two important events tackling these themes, debating “soft” solutions such as the use of bicycle-based logistics in urban settings. The topic in Milan was good practices and Italian and foreign projects involving urban proximity logistics, with the participation of traders’ and shopkeepers’ associations and others with an interest in goods handling. UMS (Sustainable Last Mile) was organised by Milano Bike City and Legambici – Legambiente for active and bicycle mobility, with the support of Interporto Padova, Green Logistics Expo and the Netherlands embassy.

Equally interesting was the Padova Bike City initiative organised by 3parentesi and Ciclica with the sponsorship of Padua City Council and the support of Green Logistics Expo. Developed to coincide with European Mobility Week, the event turns the spotlight on the numerous opportunities for mobility offered by the bicycle, including for goods transport, with a series of events dedicated to two wheels: meetings, contests, bicycle rides, workshops and entertainment such as concerts.

The objective was to valorise the city’s network of associations and companies committed on the front of sustainable mobility and defence of the environment and territory, for years a hotbed of the ideas, spaces and culture of green living. In Padua, there are companies of bike messengers, bicycle shops and brands, artisans, free-flow bike sharing companies, cycle tour operators, teams of enthusiasts and professionals and sports events. A precious wealth of knowledge and experiences.

Finally, 3parentesi and Ciclica will be protagonists in the city-based events scheduled for Friday 20 March, the closing day of Green Logistics Expo.