After ten or so years during which Urban Logistics has experimented with various organisational models, the sector is today going through a new period of re-design. The ancient boundaries separating the transport of goods and people are being overcome and the functions (means of transport, trade, services, Urban Sustainable Mobility Plans) within the city are being constantly reconsidered with sustainability as the objective. These are highly complex phenomena which are redefining the very design of cities and metropolitan areas.

Green Logistics Expo, “Sustainable Logistics” partner, will be present in Milan on 16 November at Bicocca University for the event Urban Logistics. A virtuous circle: from needs to proposals. An innovative conference-workshop which starts out from a number of ever more urgent questions to attempt to identify concrete and effective solutions. The questions asked include: Last mile and e-commerce. Are they compatible? Is the sustainable city a Utopia? What can we invent that’s new to rethink the urban distribution process? What is the role of ICT, research and the new environmentally friendly means of transport?

The appointment with Green Logistics Expo on 7, 8 and 9 March 2018 at Fiera di Padova will be a further occasion to verify and analyse, together with experts and companies, a theme which involves public administrations, companies, associations and citizens.