Warehouses of the future at Green Logistics Expo in the era of the Internet of Things and robotisation

Feb 18, 2020

The term intralogistics refers to the organisation of material and information flows in a company. It therefore describes in-house logistics processes such as goods handling and warehouse and stock management. This logistics sector is one of the areas with the greatest potential for improvement, not least because its processes are entirely controlled by the company itself and do not depend on unpredictable external factors. Green Logistics Expo is dedicating significant space to intralogistics, with the participation of leading sector companies among the exhibitors.

Internal logistics is synchronised with the business 4.0 enterprise, not only through appropriate software solutions, but also thanks to efficient modern planning of the warehouses themselves, making full use of the various storage solutions. Handling is ever more automated, partly thanks to robotisation of the most repetitive operations, leaving the more complex tasks to man. In this field, we are also witnessing the spread of collaborative robots and anthropomorphic arms, or wearable devices to reduce operator fatigue. In warehouses, IoT (Internet of Things) applications that transfer information from the physical to the digital world are becoming increasingly widespread, together with augmented reality solutions for manual picking using smart glasses, radio frequency terminals and pallet shuttles, to name but a few. Green Logistics Expo follows innovation both in and of warehouses closely. Thanks to the LIUC Business School Real Estate for Logistics Observatory (OSIL), the results of a study involving 450 Italian distribution centres will be presented in an interesting conference at 14.00 on 19 March. This study was made possible by development of an innovative rating model to assess the quality and functionality of the warehouses themselves. For the last few years, distribution centres have been at the centre of a genuine revolution, following the growth in the centralisation of logistics flows to increase the service to the network of points of sale, reducing the total cost. Thanks to the presence of logistics real estate experts such as Logistics Line, Trilux and World Capital, participants in the debate will also be able to enter into the merits of the principal solutions and technologies for quality warehouses, including in terms of sustainability. At the end of the conference, all participants will receive a free copy of the volume “Logistica 5.0: magazzini di qualità per servizi di eccellenza” (“Logistics 5.0: quality warehouses for excellent services”, in Italian), edited by the researchers at the LIUC Business School’s Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management and summarising the principal results of the OSIL Observatory research.